Monday, September 1, 2008

What's new? a tale of two Brian's...

It has been a great summer! So many stories to tell and the ones already posted are just the beginning...

So in the last few weeks we have met several people who have seen the GTO and been inquisitive about it. Two nights in a row I drove into Fleet Farm to buy fuel for the GTO and both nights I met a guy (two different people) named Brian.

The first night I was in the passenger seat as my wife was driving the car - heading home from church and we stopped in to top off the tank with a little 92 octane fuel. When I pull into fill 'er up I raise up the rear air suspension fully and lower the front some in order that I don't get splashed or the fuel nozzle ejects out of the filler neck when the tank is full.

This guy in a suburban pulls into the station and with his window rolled down hangs his head out the window and asks what year the car is and if it's for sale. He wasn't sure if it was a 66 or 67, and I told him it's a 66. As for the whole for sale bit, I didn't have a good answer for him other than not really. If he were to offer some 6-figure price for it I would certianly consider selling...

At this point he was out of his 'burban and we had the hood open talking about what has been done to the car. As he is leaning into the hood I ask him a question...

"if you were to die tonight, do you know if you'd go to heaven?"

he slowly looks up at me with a crooked smile and answers "yea!" and proceeded to tell me that it was the FIRST time anyone has ever asked him that question.

As we continue to talk he shares that he goes to Emmanuel Christian Center in Spring Lake Park, MN - which is where my wife went as a teenager... hmm, small world!

The next evening I was alone at Fleet Farm topping off again with some of that sweet go juice and there's a guy in a early 2000's saturn sedan filling up and we strike up a conversation - this time about gas. (not the kind you get from eating beans either...)

I ask him the same question - "if you were to die tonight..."

The answer - YES

Ends up his name is Brian also and his church group has done "gas buy down's" which means their church makes an agreement with a local gas station and for a few hours a day they offer 25 cents off a gallon of fuel and they do the full service thing. Fill ups, check the oil, clean the windows, etc. and in the process tell the captive audience about the love of God. Pretty cool idea!

Anyhow - to meet two guys two nights in a row both named Brian and both of them knowing their eternal destiny - talk about wow!

God is good - all the time - no matter my situation, He never changes and His word is always true!

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