Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm back!

Well I'm all caught up on sleep now. It took several weeks, but it got done.

Coming home from the Power Tour was quite a wild ride, as if you have actually taken the time to read the rest of the blog you'd see all the exciting moments - from driving thru water, to seeing Wisconsin Dells being closed off (due to Lake Delton emptying).

One of the great moments on the Tour was being able to spend time with all the pioneers of the industry interviewing them. There will be a new video up on the website shortly as well as a full site refresh to keep pushing forward with the eternal purpose of the drive.

It seems that everywhere I go with the GTO it's a conversation piece. It's opening up opportunities to talk with people that I would never otherwise talk to.

For example I was driving around just the other day in the Rogers/Dayton area in MN and had just looked at a commercial property for my business to call home. In driving by a home, there were 3 guys standing around on the driveway of a nice home and as I drove by they waved me over. I pulled into the driveway and they wanted to see the car and ask questions. One of the 3 guys was the owner of a plumbing shop and was driving his Dodge Viper that has a little secret sauce in the trunk. (2 bottles of NOS to say the least)

Just today at lunch I went to McD's and had a Bigg Mack meal deal and on the way to lunch a friend of mine saw the GTO and followed me to lunch and we ate together. When I was leaving there was a father and son walking around the car checking it out and I talked to them for a little bit.

So just about anywhere I go there is new opportunity to meet new friends and let people know about the saving grace of Jesus. Check out

At the end of July there is the Car Craft Summer Nationals - and I'm already registered for the show. We will have the D1 (that's for those of you that haven't figured it out yet) stuff there and showing it.

Stay tuned more to come!!

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