Friday, June 13, 2008

Hot Rod Power DE-Tour day 6... or is it day 7? I forgot...

Madison Wisconsin...

Talk about a blessing. Today was another SUNNY and nice day during the show hours. This morning we awoke to clammy and cloudy weather. We got to the Alliance Center where the show was held today and the clouds broke open and the sun shined down on us all day.

The weather was perfect and the turnout at the show was great. I do have to say the entire team was a bit tired due to not getting into De Forest (the town we got a hotel room in) until 2:30am last night. If you read yesterday's blog closely you will see at the end my sentances don't make sense and I fell asleep at the keyboard typing the letter "K".

So you ask - what happened today? Let me tell you!

It really all started at about 3am when I got a nice hot shower in the hotel room and I got an idea. It was to go out and interview the industry veterans and pioneers. So after the AVE/DRIVEN1 booth was all set up we went out to find people to talk with. We started with the Ring Brothers. These guys built two of the most awesome street machines - and have been awarded for them.

The interview with them was really enjoyable and enlightening. If you continue to follow the DRIVEN1 progress you will have the opportunity to see what we have found out.

What else happened? The GTO got up on the DynoMAX car dyno and did two consistent pulls to read the power to the wheels. We were the first car on the rollers today and the car pulled 350HP and 365 TQ. It's no slouch! So you must be asking with all that power is this thing a gas pig? NO - it's far from it - on the trip into Madison I filled up and found that not only does the car eject the fuel nozzle when the tank is full, it gets 25.3MPG when I keep my speed between 60-65mph! This is the most fuel efficent vehicle I own! (not including my wife's VW diesel)

So we packed up for the day and after we finished all the interviews we decided to go out to dinner as a team and recap the show. Now let me tell you about dinner... I think we were all too over tired that it was just funny... ok, so where am I going with this? Bunny was our server and being very friendly she took our order. Sean was so tired that he didn't even look at the menu, he just said to bring out the same thing that Michael ordered... Well the steaks came out and they were all undercooked a bit - so they went back many times to get cooked just right. Then later Stephanie and Dawn came up and asked what we did - if we were a real racing team. (I told them of course we were, but we weren't racing this time, just on the Hot Rod tour.)

Ok, so I'm really tired again so rather than fall asleep at the wheel again I'm going to cut this blog a bit short and come back at it tomorrow. So no matter how you look at is - the tour was a great time and a success.

Photos you ask? Be patient... let me get a little sleep and caught up. Cheers!


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