Tuesday, June 3, 2008


We spent pretty much the entire day yesterday at the V8TV farm and got to see the incredible variety of life that the farm holds.

From the leaky water hose from the well spigot, to the lack of fresh water in the RV's tank. I was able to solve the problem and got the tank to hold the fresh water without leaking all out. (a sticky valve)

We also had an interesting time getting the A/C in the RV to work - as we had probably 150' of extension cords feeding the power to the RV and with that length of wire there was too much voltage drop to keep the A/C running consistently. It would cycle on and off with power surges. So later the onboard generator was turned on to run the A/C, but it would cut out at times and a careful check found that the oil level was low on the generator. Once we added some oil to it I found it to stay running.

We broke bread for lunch with the V8TV crew - Kelle cooked up some mean hamburgers and there was fresh (and I mean FRESH - as in picked that morning from the garden) strawberries and melon to go along with lunch.

After spending much of the day yesterday with the crew and going over things with the car we decided to head out and make our way into Branson, MO. I'll tell you if you have never driven a 37' RV in the mountians before, make sure you ask someone who has to get an idea of how it's done. The Holiday Rambler would get upto 80mph going downhill with the foot off the accelerator, and going up hill with the go pedal mashed down to the floor it would barely muster 40mph. It was a very exciting time to say the least!

Today in Branson was spent with several good friends at a new development that is being built up for Jim Bakker's TV ministry. I got to tour the TV production trailer, as well as the new studio's being built for it. The show was being taped as we arrived and it was fun to see the studio in action. There were many sights we enjoyed seeing along the way to our lunch discussions. Anywhere we go the DRIVEN1 GTO is a conversation starter and leads into more discussions.

In some more good news I talked with Kelle (V8TV) today and the tires will be in tomorrow which means the car should be up and driving around on it's own power! That means the GTO is hitting the streets and getting it's test runs in to shake out any bugs before the Power Tour.

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