Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tired... ready for some sleep.

I have heard that the weather in MN is not nearly as nice as it has been for us down south...

We have had GREAT weather and enjoying it.

In talking with Kevin Oeste today - the car is all put together and ready to roll other than an alignment. That will take place tomorrow (it should have today, but the town of Waterloo, IL has been having power outages all day today)

Then Kevin & Kelle will be driving down to meet up with us and hand over the keys once he has had a chance to shake out all the bugs.

The Driven-1 Crew has made it down from Minneapolis to Clinton, MO with the truck and trailer - which I might add looks totally awesome. There was a problem with the trucks running light wiring, but having a truck full of techincal people means they will get it taken care of in no time.

There is a lot of new and cool A/V equipment we will be showing careking - and we are raising awareness to clients across the nation.

Tomorrow will be a much more eventful day as the Driven-1 crew sets up and gets ready for an action filled day at the Little Rock show. Thanks - please feel free to comment on any of the blogs - as I'll read them all!


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