Friday, June 13, 2008

Power Tour day 6...... wow....

ok, so I'm wayy too tired up upload any photos tonight, but let me tell you - you are in for a TREAT when I get them posted. Let me summarize the day for you in as few words as possible...

Left Ames and stopped in the Boondocks for dinner - found a guy in a 66 Chevelle out showing off like crazy - doing huge burnouts and donuts on the street out front of the hotel - He asked me to race, and I declined - didn't want trouble from the local police force. Drove to campground in driving rain - feet got wet from rust holes around windshield - got from GTO to camper with shoes/socks off and pants rolled up - the water was above the blades of grass...

Got up and drove into Rochester for Power Tour... had to take a detour due to standing water on I90. Got to rochester and had the AVE team there for part of the day just checking things out.

Met with many many people today including several people from the Mayo clinic, as well as churches looking to build new buildings.

Eli spent the day playing hard with his excavation equipment in the dirt, hauling sand and dirt across the sidewalk.

Ran into Nick - AKA Duramax Tuner - the guy responsible for getting me hooked on EFILive to tune my truck (and the rented motorhome) - which lead me into the forum that helped me find V8TV who built the GTO. Whoa, that was a mouthful.

The entire day was sunny and beautiful at the Power Tour! Thank you for answering prayer God!

As we left just after 8pm- as we were driving I found out the tail lights in the GTO were not working (again). We pulled off in St. Charles and drove into town to get Subway for dinner. We really enjoyed the terrefic food served to us from the two ladies working there who hadn't got any sleep for 2 days. They would not share WHY, but just that they didn't get any sleep.

After dinner out in the parking lot we pulled into the interior and fix the non operational lights. Thanks Tony!!

We then proceeded into a town just outside Madison to get a good head start on tomorrows day. Once we were on 94, we got pushed off just based on the flooding aspect. The seemingly short side trip turned into a work of art selling and letting people check things out.

Rain and mudslides washed out much of the roadways, so we stopped in at a truckstop and asked the truckers what road is open and we found one that got us all the wayw wkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (wow - i just fell asleep at the keyboard there.... sorry)

ok, so anyhow it took until 2:30am to get here to the hotel, rather than just about 12:00 using the freeway would have been.

alrighty - i'm super tired and going to bed... more tomorrow!!

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