Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Here we are - We made it to Branson, MO late last night after quite an adventure. I guess I should start off with what's going on and why we are in branson to begin with...

If you are reading this blog as a link from the www.driven-1.com website then you already know pretty much what's going on. If you haven't seen that website I strongly suggest you visit that site first and read on what we are going to be doing.

Our trip started out leaving Minneapolis many hours late... due to airline issues with Sean getting in town 5 1/2 hours late. We had the good intention to drive all the way thru to Waterloo, IL to stay the night at the V8TV shop/farm. Well we made it just a few miles into Iowa and were falling asleep, so we stayed the night at a parking lot only rest stop. No restrooms or water...

Well that was the first story, as I had filled the water tank on the RV full before we left only to find out that it was totally empty by the time we got to the rest stop, and that means no washing hands, no flushing toilets, etc. Luckily we had a few gallons of water in the fridge for human consumption.

We awoke the next morning and made our way on to Waterloo. Once we got close I called and got directions to the farm, and Kelle Oeste (with V8TV) said to look for the orange farm wagon on the left (and I wrote down turn right) but she said left... Well we turned right onto the gravel road heading towards the farm, only to find that this trail lead down some treacherous terrain that was only meant for 4 wheel drive tractors. The 37' motorhome we are in did not like it at all. There was no place to turn around, so I was forced to back the motorhome out of it. There was a HUGE hill that I had to back up, and for the first 3 trys we didn't make it. It was a bit muddy and we would get just part way back up the hill only to have the rich soil kicking up all around us. The 4th time we all prayed and I gave it another go - and we made it up with no problems! thank you Jesus!! :)

Well after that we turned LEFT and made it to the V8TV farm and had some yummy KFC that we had bought for the V8TV crew for dinner.

They had the car sitting there all ready for us to see - and it is awesome to say the least! I'll let the photos do the talking for now. More info on the car can be found at www.driven-1.com

We stayed the night and next day with Kevin, Kelle and the rest of the V8TV crew. They got the car started and now we are just waiting for tires and the final tuning of the car - then it will be ready for the Power Tour!

The farm was a wonderful experience for everyone - Elijah loved the 5 week old kitties and kept chansing them around. Sean and I were checking out the GTO... Jacque and baby Malachi were just having fun.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Stefan and family,
Happy to read that all is going well for you and the RV. Don't do any wrong turns anywhere. You could get stuck or in trouble, and that I do not want. We wish you a very successful tour, and plan on being home safely.
Your Dad