Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hot Rod Power Tour day TOO!

Whew! Another exciting day! The GTO showed up today - Kelle and Kevin Oeste delivered it this afternoon after spending much time getting it all "right"... as my thing was it's a car meant to be DRIVEN...

I think I've already removed a few layers of rubber from the rear tires, just giving the throttle 50% will break the rear end loose. It a great runner and corners totally flat. Words can't describe how the car handles and drives - ya just gotta ride in it!

We had an awesome day at the show - we got a great spot right next to Magnaflow and Air Ride, both being suppliers for parts on the GTO. There were a number of hot rodders that came by the AVE booth asking questions and we met a number of people that had new church buildings going up or a business that needed A/V systems. Our goal for being there as the A/V company is to reach out to new clients that need quality A/V systems. For only being two days out and getting a read on the number of people that are looking for what we have to offer is fantastic. We have 5 more days of fun in the sun reaching new people!

The DRIVEN1 crew decided to go out to a mexican joint for dinner tonight, and the trusty (not) GPS sent us to a side street where there was supposed to be a place to eat... well it did not exist, so we chose the next closest mexican place according to the GPS, and that was a place somewhat like a Taco Bell... no thank you...

Michael took over as lead car and found us a Buffalo Wild Wings - and we all ended up eating there. Heather (our friendly server) was out in the parking lot and came back in asking who's cool car was out there. We ended up talking a little bit and she said she is dreaming of getting a 1972 Nova. Heather, if you read this - I hope you find the perfect one! And thanks for getting us a great dinner!

Another trip to Wal-Mart tonight ended up getting us a few more things than the other night when the Wally World looked like Y2K just hit.

What else should I talk about? How about driving the motorhome from Little Rock to Sprinfield thru the mountians! We made our way back north thru Branson today. There was a nice little pastry and coffee shop and they had their open sign out, but the door was locked. (I was hungry) seeing how we left at 6am to head north so we would be early enough to park the motorhome as part of the AVE/DRIVEN1 booth.

Tomorrow? We are heading up to Heartland Park in Topeka, KS and I am planning to get the GTO down the 1/4 mile to see what it will do. I have never before done a 1/4 down a track, so I have no idea what to expect, but I'm going to give it a go!

More new people and 200+ miles on the GTO tomorrow. I have a tool bag packed in the trunk and bought a few critical items to have in the car... oil, coolant, etc.

Tonight - it's rain! Tomorrow - sunny and nice!

See ya tomorrow!


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